Gedicht: Die Welle der Grenzenlosigkeit

Within weaves of boundlessness,
I, one thread, a mere remnant of my former light
When reduced to a being definably human,
Lodged between the stars, molecules
And this blinding of time.

Here, under the eyes of heaven, yet separated.
From the forge of infinity to such blinkers,
confined, flawed and these endless panderings to self-reaffirming.

Stretching, drawn amid the smallest arenas
Where the world is too much the limit.
Cornered, sealed from our brighter days,
But through one’s bearing of shadows some longing inside us awakens,
Beckoning realms of our once cloudless origins.
Discovering again the journey,
My own reflections rising
Within the weaves of boundlessness…

To return, we must embrace ways of a hallowed heart,
Far beyond any blindings of time.

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